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Are you ready to achieve optimal performance?

   Athletes have coaches because a coach will help them reach their goals faster. 

   Leaders hire coaches for the same reason - to achieve their goals faster, uncover blind spots, and access their brilliance. 

    Are you ready to move forward in your leadership?? Are you ready to reduce your stress, increase your confidence, and take your leadership to the next level?? 

    Book a free consultation today.  


Benefits of Working with Dr. Donley

Maximize your personal and professional potential by learning to:

  • Manage emotions and stress

  • Develop leadership presence

  • Navigate tough conversations

  • Hold people accountable

  • Inspire and motivate others

  • Improve strategic thinking

  • Create high-performing teams

  • Increase well-being

Other benefits include:

  • Reduce turnover

  • Improve employee/consumer outcomes

  • Cultivate staff and team potential 

  • Increase staff engagement

  • Empower others and delegate effectively

  • Positively affect the bottom line

  • Learn to say "no" gracefully

About Julie

I’ve been there…

I have lived and breathed leadership challenges, so I get it. Having been a healthcare executive for nearly a decade, I have a unique blend of experience to provide perspective, so you can better navigate your leadership challenges. 


As an Executive Coach, I partner with leaders to bring out your best thinking so you can achieve operational efficiencies and create work environments to support the well-being of the workforce. My expertise includes helping you grow your emotional intelligence, become self-aware, communicate effectively, practice empathy, and utilize coaching skills to create an influential culture resulting in highly productive teams.

There have been times in my career where I did not have the support at work to help me achieve my goals - that could be your experience as well. Hiring my own leadership coach outside of the workplace gave me the support I needed to grow and develop in ways I would not have done otherwise. 


Whether you are a high potential, a new leader, or an experienced executive, I provide that safe space for you to explore your goals, values, strengths, beliefs, and blind spots, so you can improve in leading yourself and leading your team or organization. 

My mission is to help YOU become the best leader possible so that you can do great things and help others be their best as well.

Schedule your free consultation today to learn how coaching with me can support your success. 

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Dr. Donley’s Clients Speak Out

Julie has absolutely been the most influential, helpful, supportive, and meaningful person in my career and personally at this point in my life. 

- Jessica Mastrangelo, MA, LPC, NCC


5 out of 5 stars to Dr. Donley. She is a genuine, caring person whose knowledge is invaluable!

- Crissy Auger, Program Administrator, Behavioral Health


Julie took me under her wing and helped enhance my learning…through Julie’s coaching, I accomplished much more.

- Jeff Di Guiseppe, MBA, MSN, RN 

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